Thursday, 3 December 2009


Title – ‘Enforcer’

Media – Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Wacom tablet.

About – This piece titled ‘Enforcer’ started out as a pencil drawing I did in my sketch book inspired by a recent episode of the ‘Gadget Show’ and also the ‘Sentinels’ in the ‘Matrix’. I wanted to re-create my robot sketch in a 3D program that I could then render as a 2D picture that can be composited in front of an artificial background of a war zone or destroyed cityscape created in Photoshop.

I started constructing my sketch as a 3D model in Cinema 4d before adding textures created from various rust and metal photographs in Photoshop. I then added lighting and also some atmospheric effects such as a slight mist or fog to create a more spooky or ghostly appearance. The finished 3D robot model was duplicated, rotated and then positioned according to my sketch of how I wanted the final composition to roughly look. I then rendered the scene along with the alpha channel later to be used in Photoshop.

I created a series of figures in Poser that were to be suspended or carried by the robots extendable arms (tentacles). Later on only one of the figures was used in the final composition. The reason being they took too much attention away from the focus point of the picture - the foreground robot.

The background of the picture is a combination of photographs of tower blocks I’d taken walking around London and a rocky terrain landscape that I created in Bryce 5. Once the background was created I added the robot models and then the rest of the final elements to the foreground, such as the robots headlights and various TV static textures to give the impression that the image is being viewed through either a military or CCTV monitor.

Ben Jones 2009c

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