Thursday, 3 December 2009

Misadventures In A Thumbnail Universe

Book cover for Vincent W Sakowski's 'Misadventures In A Thumbnail Universe'.
About – This is a good short story collection. The ones that stand out are - "Peel and Eat Buffet" one of the weirdest strip scenes I have ever read or seen in my life. It will truly stick with you in a slightly disturbing not sure if you are turned on or weirded out kind of a way.
"The Screaming of the Fish" a story about a guy with a fishbowl for a brain. "On the Other Side of the Fence" about a girl with a dead chicken problem and "Television Shoes" about a guy who trades in his "radio eyes" for some "television shoes"...literally (this one is set in the same world as Sakowski's novel 'Some Things Are Better Left Unplugged'). The short story collection is a good introduction to this authors style.

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