Last update: 20 May.
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MIXED MEDIA Photoshop, Zbrush, C4D, Camera, Scanner, Clay, Paint + More

 Maggot Messiah photo Swatches-14-MaggotMessiah_zps9315f006.jpg Contamination photo Swatches-13-TV_zps1e843727.jpg  Contagion photo Swatches-11-Contagion_zps225ba35b.jpg Enforcer photo Swatches-10-Enforcer_zps11e55a26.jpg Asylum Patient photo Swatches-9-Asylum_zps61fa066d.jpg
 photo Swatches-8-InMemory_zpsdcd69316.jpg Arsenic Arsenic Arsenic Arsenic Arsenic  photo Swatches-7-Hitchcock_zps4037bf87.jpg  photo Swatches-7-Hitchcock_zps4037bf87.jpg CD Inlay Artwork 1 photo Swatches-6_zpscdea7d73.jpg CD Inlay Artwork 2 photo Swatches-5_zps6e827fbb.jpg CD Inlay Artwork 4 photo Swatches-3_zpsd377c73f.jpg  photo Gore_Wallpaper-2844x2133-BEN.jpg CD Inlay Artwork 5 photo Swatches-2_zps22de636a.jpg     Chemical Android  Somethings Are Better Left Unplugged SV Logo Systematic Violence Arsenic - Watch Em Die Arsenic - Watch Em Die Arsenic - Watch Em Die  Cyborg 7

All artwork copyright Ben Jones 2013. Do not use without permission!

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